Saturday th 17th of August, 2019  
Forward Sponsorship Initiative   


The Sponsor Program (OAASP) is the funding program for development activities and initiatives of the foundation. These investments provide the resources and staff to spread  children's safety awareness, retain and expand current alert services, create a friendlier community for children's safety, to lower crime rates through creation of community involvement opportunities, and to expand our alert services into additional cities and communities.

Campaign Goals

1. Raise $10 million over the next five-years (2011-2015) .
2. Recruit an sponsor base of at least 400 companies.
3. Retain 95% of our sponsors.

Become A Sponsor is made possible through the sponsorship and donations from businesses like you. Become a sponsor and help save our communities children in case of an emergency. For more information on how your business or donation can help support our community, receive tax benefits, and local promotional branding please contact us